Register with embassy admin May 27, 2023

Register with Embassy

Registration of South Sudanese Citizens travelling or living temporarily/permanently in USA:

The Embassy is now compiling a database on all South Sudanese nationals residing in USA and Canada, for the purposes of ease of contact in case of emergency, and in-order to keep you up-to-date with Embassy activities and planned events, provision of advice and consular services as appropriate, skills audit, etc.

Therefore, all South Sudanese in these two countries to are strongly encouraged to register with the Embassy. South Sudanese citizens / holding South Sudan Passport and living or traveling in United States of America are encouraged to register on the Embassy’s website electronically / online or by e-mail after their arrival in USA.

The information required from you is as follows:

1. Your Full Name (as in passport):
2. Your Passport no. and date of expiry:
3. Your Date of birth:
4. Your Address in USA:
5. Your Telephone in USA:
6. Your E-mail:
7. Your Person (s) to be contacted in case of emergency (in USA & in South Sudan), and their relationship to you:
8. If visiting USA, please provide purpose of visit and expected duration of stay in USA:

You can e-mail these data to the Consular Office at: or use the Embassy’s Contact Us Form to provide the requested information, and please accept the assurances of our highest consideration