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Important Notice

Important Notice No. 1

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Washington D. C., USA is happy to announce to all South Sudanese nationals residing in USA and Canada, that the Embassy has now completed all the necessary arrangements for issuing the following documents:

  1. South Sudan Nationality Certificate, and
  2. South Sudan Passport.

Therefore, the Embassy takes this opportunity to invite interested South Sudanese who do not hold these important national identification documents to please apply as soon as possible.

Please click here for more information about applying for: Nationality Certificate Passport

Important Notice No. 2

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Embassy is now compiling a database on all South Sudanese residing in USA and Canada, for the purposes of ease of contact, provision of consular services, skills audit, etc.

Therefore, all South Sudanese in these two countries are strongly encouraged to register with the Embassy. Please click here for more information

For follow-up or to request additional information, please call the Consular Office directly on: Tel: +1 202 293 7940 or E-mail: