Embassy’s Mission admin May 27, 2023

Embassy’s Mission in USA

(a) To articulate South Sudan foreign policy objectives to the government of the United States of America, to the American People, and to foreign diplomatic missions and organisations accredited to America. Plus,
represent the strategic interests of the Republic of South Sudan in USA, and in other countries of accreditation in the region;

(b) To work closely with the government and people of the United States of America to strengthen bilateral cooperation in all fields, especially in political & diplomatic arenas, and to secure US foreign aid, encourage US
foreign trade and investment, promoting people to people cooperation, and act as a bridge for communication and implementation of agreed projects between South Sudan & USA;

(c) To encourage private and public sector institutions in USA to invest in major developmental projects in South Sudan, with greater focus on securing funding for socio-economic developmental projects, supporting
small business initiatives, and promoting tourism;

(d) To engage the South Sudanese nationals residing in the diaspora (estimated to be over 80,000 in USA & Canada), with a view to promoting community cohesion, return of skilled labour, and encouraging the
diaspora to invest and support South Sudan economy. Plus, work with civil society organisations and NGOs originating from USA and operating in South Sudan, promoting cooperation and supporting the
socio-economic development of South Sudan.

Overview of the Embassy’s day-to-day activities (includes, but not limited to):

(a) Conducting regular administrative staff meetings, researching and writing reports on various subjects to the headquarters;

(b) Conducting meetings and briefings inside the Embassy with external visitors, and participating in many events outside the Embassy, i.e. national days, interviews, seminars – workshops and conferences;

(c) Processing various documents and responding to enquiries as appropriate. Plus, conducting a variety of consular services;

(d) Interacting with the US Department of State and other governmental institutions, the US Congress, the diplomatic community, the world media, and the private sector (institutions & individuals);

(e) Coordinating visits of South Sudanese officials to America, and visits of US officials to South Sudan.