Business & Investment admin May 27, 2023

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Why South Sudan?

Located in East Africa, South Sudan is the world’s youngest nation with incredible, untapped potential across a number of sectors. Endowed with enormous natural resources and surrounded by five of the largest and fastest growing economies in Africa—which combined represent more than US$100 billion in annual economic output and an average growth rate of 7% —South Sudan is ideally situated to access key regional and international markets.

Priority Investment Sectors

There are abundant opportunities in all sectors of the economy, with special attention on sectors that draw from the country’s vast natural resources.


Abundant land and water with unmet local and regional demand in all areas of agriculture, 30 million hectares of arable land with less than 5% under cultivation.


Rich gold, uranium, iron, copper, and diamonds deposits have only begun to be explored.


Third largest oil reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa at 5 billion barrels, with new opportunities for exploration.


High demand to rebuild and construct over 2,500 km of roads with opportunities for private toll operators.


Multiple power generation opportunities from Nile River.